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    I just got married and my hubby snores so much. I was looking into products to help me and ran into this website. What do you guys think?
    Do you guys have something else to suggest?


    I don’t know what can be worse if you snore yourself or the person lying next to you. If you talk to someone who has never been with someone who snores they just refuse to believe what an obstacle in your everyday life that can be.
    We all deserve a night’s peace, getting it with a good night’s sleep. After a hectic day at work, work in the house, with children, their homework…finally I got to lay down and sleep. But, it couldn’t be my way! I couldn’t to get sleep, not because I was sleepless because my husband wouldn’t let me. He snored, and snored. I used to kick him and he would just turn around. Finally, I thought…but not for long.
    We have tried a numerous solutions, from finding right pillows to the mouthpieces which were meant to solve my husbands problem (and mine as well as I was hoping to get a good night’s sleep).
    After browsing quite a few web sites I came across The Silent treatment. At first my husband was reluctant to try another mouthpiece, but I was very persistent.
    The mouthpiece looks The Silent Treatment looks a bit different from the others you have already seen. It is delivered in a tiny, light plastic box. Made of plastic material which can be shaped to your teeth. You just have to pour over boiling water and then squeeze it with your teeth. In case you don’t do it well, don’t worry, it can be turned into previous position just by pouring boiling water over.
    It’s meant to keep your tounge in low, flattened position so you won’t produce snoring sound. It is a mouthpiece which helps you to keep your tongue „disciplined“. It helped my husband, it helped us I hope it helps you.
    Believe me, it’s better to use The Silient Treatment than have a silent treatment at home. It worked for us, hopefully it will work for you.


    ‘Snoring’ is a sleeping disorder which has become a common problem that can affect anyone at any time. It occurs due to obstruction of air and vibration of respiratory organs. The sound resulted by this vibration is called snoring. It is a condition which never harms the affected person but can be very unpleasant for their bedfellows. Suggest him for home remedies or Asonor snoring solution to recover from snoring problem.


    You may use this device chin strap for snoring

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