Best snoring device?

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    Hi, I have suffered from snoring most of my life, and looking for a decent device? I have tried sites like but what to know what actually works?
    Thanks :)

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by' JamesSmith.

    Guys i know real solution to stop snoring at all!

    Stop snoring with this new, patented, high-end biofeedback technology.
    Here is some information about how our “SNOR” device functions. Have a look around at

    And you can by it on kickstarter by the spetial price!

    Zavier Sami

    To be very honest, I have reviewed almost 18 such devices available in the market. The best part was that my search eventually stopped at the 18th search, the moment when Asonor worked for me as a boon. As I am also from a family of medicine experts, I guess I can share my thoughts on why this product is different. It is because Asonor is comprised of excellent quality Sodium Chloride and Glycerol. I would suggest you guys to try this for sure.


    There are wide range of products in the market claiming to be the best Anti snoring devices. But I will be very honest to you, My dad used to snore a lot & we were very disturbed for not having proper night sleep because of him. Doctors recommended many products which ere not helping him, until Asonor anti snoring nasal spray which helped him to recover in few days. I would recommend you to use the same product.


    Hello James Smith,

    I am also suffering from snoring at night, My wife was not having proper night sleep because of my high decibels of bass boosted snoring.Every morning she was fighting with me and getting fed up of it. After some time I had shared this problem with one of my close friend, then he recommended the silent treatment which is available only at I bought a stop snoring mouthpiece device about two months ago for me.The final result is only one word..AMAZING WONDER.

    The best thing about this device is that you do not need to use it for your whole life, within a couple of months your tongue develops muscle memory.

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